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(734) 456-9117

Hear well all around the table this holiday season

Hearing aids starting at $899 each**

In addition, by completing your complimentary hearing assessment*, you will qualify to receive a FREE turkey dinner+ so you can share a meal this holiday season. We invite you to check out this groundbreaking technology to see what works for you. Stop in for:

  • Special holiday pricing of $899 each** for a new hearing device that delivers clear, natural sound with premium features such as wind and soft noise reduction and custom programming and styling for a truly personalized hearing experience
  • Complete complimentary hearing assessment*
  • Risk-free trial++ of the latest hearing devices

Complete your hearing assessment* and receive a FREE turkey dinner.+ For a limited time, you can qualify to receive a free turkey dinner when you complete a hearing assessment.* This is our way to say that we are grateful for you this November.

Complimentary demonstrations of high-tech hearing aids

We offer demonstrations of some of the most advanced hearing devices on the market today.

Please call early to make an appointment for the date of your choice.

Be sure to bring a friend or loved one when you visit our office – someone whose voice is familiar to you and you communicate with the most. They may take part in your assessment by serving as your "familiar voice" during part of the testing process.