Hearing Lifestyles

Hearing aid styles come with a wide variety of features and options, and can be matched to your unique lifestyle. Your audiologist can recommend the ideal technology based on your hearing needs and lifestyle demands.

Hearing Aid Solutions for the Dynamic Lifestyle

Individuals who lead dynamic lifestyles are very active, and their listening environments include frequent background noise. They enjoy outdoor activities, dining out in busy restaurants, attending sporting events and other activities that include large crowds. They have demanding careers, attend frequent social gatherings, participate in group presentations, and travel often.

Hearing Aid Solutions for the Casual Lifestyle

Individuals who lead casual lifestyles typically have a listening environment that includes occasional background noise. People with casual lifestyles take part in conversation regularly, watch television frequently, dine out in quiet restaurants, participate in small group meetings and intimate family gatherings, and participate in activities such as driving, shopping, attending movies, and weekly church services.

Hearing Aid Solutions for the Quiet Lifestyle

Those who lead quiet lifestyles are subject to listening environments with limited background noise. Their outings include church services, quiet restaurants, frequent driving, and small family gatherings. They participate in frequent one-on-one conversations with other adults. Hearing devices for the quiet lifestyle offer excellent features at a mid-level price point.

Hearing Aid Solutions for the Private Lifestyle

Individuals who lead private lifestyles are rarely subject to background noise in their listening environments. Their activities are usually limited to events in and around the home, and include quiet conversations, limited television, radio, and audio books. Hearing aids for the private lifestyle feature an entry-level price, and are the responsible choice for those seeking an economical solution to a very quiet lifestyle.