Custom Earmolds

Motorcycle Custom Earmolds

Motorcycle earplugs were designed to prevent engine noise and roaring wind from harming the ears of motorcycle riders. Custom earmolds fit comfortably beneath the helmet, and come in a variety of styles including foam, moldable silicone or wax, and reusable, custom-molded plugs with a built-in acoustic filter that features variable noise reduction – the volume decreases as road and wind noise increase. In low noise situations, you will be able to hear voices and traffic sounds clearly.

Hunter’s Earplugs

custom earmolds for huntingHunter’s earplugs were designed to protect the ears of hunters from exposure to gunshots, and are also useful for members of law enforcement and military personnel. These electronic earplugs include an acoustic filter that offers dynamic range compression to soften loud noises while amplifying quieter ones. A valve closes when struck by sound pressure waves, offering protection from sudden, potentially damaging sounds. These custom earmolds are available in different styles including earmuffs with headbands and models designed to be worn with hats.

Swimmer’s Earplugs

swimmers custom earmoldsSwimmer’s earplugs were designed to keep water out of the ears, and are especially useful for swimmers and surfers, whose frequent exposure to water can lead to painful infections and conditions such as Swimmer’s Ear (inflammation and redness in the ear) and Surfer’s Ear (bony growths in the ear canal). These earplugs help equalize pressure under water, and are designed to allow noise in while keeping out water and wind. They can be pre-molded or custom molded, and are available in silicone, wax, or foam.

Musician’s Earplugs

Musician’s earplugs were designed for musicians & sound engineers. These earplugs decrease sound equally at all frequencies. Sound is attenuated by filters inside the stem of the earplug. The equal attenuation allows musicians to hear all of the instruments but at a reduced level. Thus hearing is protected and the quality of the sound heard is not degraded. Musician’s earplugs are available in pre-molded sizes or they can be custom fit to the individual. When custom fit, ear mold impressions are taken of the ear and the custom earmolds are molded from these impressions.